Gyle #33 – Dark Mild

Whenever there is some left over malt lying around, and a freezer full of home grown hops, what can you make that will use them up without needing to order something from the HBS? Dark Mild!!

I basically had two choices when I found 2kg of Crisp pale malt in the grain store, either make a really small batch IPA, or use up some home grown Fuggles and harvested yeast in an almost-full batch mild. Not liking to throw things away unnecessarily, so the mild was chosen.

I dug out the recipe for the Ruby Mild I made a while back and started playing around with the grist. This time I wouldn’t be using candi sugar, and I decided on Carafa Special III instead of roasted barley. I also had some biscuit malt to hand, and figured that would help give it some more toasty flavour to help balance the low abv.


SG: 1.035
IBU: 20
SRM: 18
FG: 1.012
ABV: 2.9%
Batch size: 16L

2kg Pale Ale Malt
300g Crystal 60L
250g Biscuit Malt
120g Carafa Special III

25g Fuggles 4%AA @ 60 mins
15g Fuggles 4%AA @ 15 mins

Mash @ 68C for 60 mins

Wyeast 1275 Thames Valley yeast


I decided on bottle conditioning this one, adding 135g DME to the bottling bucket. There was very little trub in this one; I was quite surprised at just how clear it came out of the FV. It had been cold crashed to 2C for two days, but even still, I don’t usually get it that clear without finings.

This one actually turned out really well, dark but with a ruby glow, and a head that lasted all the way down the glass. I took this to the annual Worcestershire Homebrew Club BBQ for a few members to try, and it went down quite a treat!!

As a test, I added some drops of hazelnut flavouring into the glass before pouring a bottle. It added a new dimension to the beer, and I will be remembering this for the next bottling batch of this beer. It will probably be a Christmas beer gift for people – Hazelnut Mild.

With added hazelnut flavouring

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