WHBC x Gander Brew Co

Worcestershire Homebrew Club recently tasked its members to come up with a little experiment to compare dry and liquid yeasts. Gander Brew Co joined in with a collaboration, taking my recipe and some Lallemand Windsor yeast and came up with this:

Gander Brew are streaming their brew and bottling days live on Twitch, where you can watch the brewing process in full and join the guys in some gaming and beer chat.

So how’s the beer? Incredibly fruity aroma, much more so than my own version with Thames Valley yeast. There’s a mild hint of alcohol there also. On to the tasting, there’s a heavy hit of banana-bubblegum. Some light toffee sweetness is lingering there, but there’s a medium level of bitterness to balance it out. It has a medium body and is well carbonated for an English ale, but not into American levels. A very complex, fruity English ale from a somewhat simple recipe.

A really enjoyable beer, and it has been a very interesting experiment so far. We’re not quite done yet, round two is still to happen next month with all the 3v guys beers to compare. Can’t wait for that!!

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