BJCP Training – Month 6

The next training session seems to have come around much quicker, but that’s no bad thing. Time to get tasting some porters and stouts! Before that, there was a double technical session on lauter/sparging and carbonation, which is an often forgotten about subject. For those that batch prime, using a calculator to work out residual CO2 levels in finished beer is a must. If that isn’t taken into consideration you can end up with an over- or under-carbonated beer. I tend to keg my beers using headspace pressure, so it’s not really an issue. Just set the correct pressure and let Henry’s law take care of the rest!

This months beer selection was:

Tasting Notes

Coopers Stout

Dark tan head. Brown sugar aroma with hints of blackcurrant. Medium carbonation. Deep roasty flavours but not astringent; quite dry. Some fruity esters.

Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout

Very creamy, thick tan head. Creaminess carries on into the mouthfeel; full bodied. Some butty aromas. Dry roastiness in the finish. Very well rounded.

Baltika Porter

Alcohol on the aroma, with rich malt and spice. Smokey flavours with bitter finish. Medium body and carbonation. Coffee aromas and flavour. Sweetness lingers through to the finish. Some alcohol warming. Raisin and fig flavours.

Burton Bridge Porter

Spicey, minty aroma, with some liquorice. Low-medium body. Some roasty character but mostly fruity esters. Slight carbonic bite.

Anchor Porter

Dark fruit, raisin aroma. Spicey with some alcohol. Has a burnt sugar/malt finish which is drying. Toffee sweetness and complex malt flavour. Fruity esters are present but no hop character. Some coffee notes.

Dragon Stout

Evident alcohol with fruity esters. Malt sweetness. No hop aroma or strong roast malt. Thin beige head. Berry fruit flavours. No roasty character. Sweetness carries through to finish. Fairly evenly balanced bitterness. Slight rum flavour. Body is medium-full and quite creamy.
Overall I thought this beer was spot on for fruitiness, but lacked the roasty character you expect for a stout. Still, it was very easy to drink, even given its 7.5% ABV. I scored it 41/50.

Enjoying an Anchor Porter

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