Gyle #9 – Juniper Rye IPA

This was my first brew to be done on the Hopcat all in one system, and brewed as an experiment for the home brew club’s summer IPA tasting festival. IPAs were not really my thing – I’d been brewing mostly porters and darker English ales as an extract brewer – so I thought a few practice attempts would be a good idea, before settling on a final recipe. I also thought I’d mix it up a little and go with a more unusual ingredient, juniper berries. Having read somewhere that rye goes well with juniper, I decided to throw that in as well. On top of that, I threw out Maris Otter as my go to base, and switched it out for Golden Promise instead.

Hopcat mash recirc


SG: 1.061
IBU: 60
SRM: 8
FG: 1.014
ABV: 6.2%
Batch size: 21L

5.2kg Golden Promise
500g Pale Rye Malt
250g Crystal 60L

30g Southern Cross 12.4%AA @ 60 mins
25g Juniper Berries (crushed) @ 10 mins
30g Nugget 13.2% AA @ 10 mins
20g Southern Cross 12.4%AA @ 10 mins

25g Citra dry hop 4 days
25g Simcoe dry hop 4 days
25g Southern Cross dry hop 4 days

Mash @ 67C for 60 mins

Fermentis US-05 dry yeast

Dry hop was added in secondary 4 days before bottling. The juniper berries came through fairly well, but it wasn’t a gin-like smack in the face, which is a good thing. The nuttiness from the rye didn’t really shine through, it was just a bit too busy with the hops and juniper taking the limelight. It was a really good beer, but not what I’d pictured making. Next attempt needed more rye.

The Hopcat all-in-one made such a massive difference to brew day. Not only could I now recirculate for clearer wort, I could do mashout and hit those gravities with more accuracy from recipe to recipe. Clean up was much easier too, I must have saved at least an hour overall.

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