Gyle #8 – Kolsch Style Ale

With a kegerator that could double as a fermentation chamber, I decided to have a go at a lager. Knowing that the kegerator wouldn’t be able to reach near freezing temps, I figured a Kolsch was a good way to go towards that, being an ale fermented cooler than typical ale temps. I’d also gotten quite a taste for Fruh, so it kind of synced up with that a little.


SG: 1.046
IBU: 29
SRM: 4
FG: 1.007
ABV: 5.1%
Batch size: 14.5L

2.8kg Pilsner Malt
300g Munich Malt
5g Chocolate Malt

10g Endeavour 10.3%AA @ 60 mins
10g Pilgrim 10.5%AA @ 15 mins
10g Pilgrim 10.5%AA @ 3 mins

Mash @ 64C for 75 mins

Fermentis US-05 dry yeast

The chocolate malt was purely for colour adjustment. I could have used a higher colour Munich malt instead, but I didn’t have any. Fermentation was kept at 15C until primary was done, then lowered by 1C per day until the fridge could no longer get it any cooler, 8C I think was about the lowest. After a month lagering it was ready to server.

It definitely wasn’t classic Kolsch, much more like a crisper ale than a lager, and hazy due to being unfined, but it was still really refreshing. I decided against using noble hops, but with these small amounts there wasn’t much hop character anyway. Just enough bitterness to balance the maltiness of the Munich.

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