Gyle #5 – Hop Suey IPA

This brew was designed to try and use up some ingredients I had left over from all of the preceding brews. A simple base of 90% pale, 5% crystal and 5% wheat with whatever hops I could throw at it without opening a fresh bag, hence the reference to the Chinese mixed veg dish of a similar name.


SG: 1.051
IBU: 47
SRM: 7
FG: 1.010
ABV: 5.4%
Batch size: 22L

4.5kg Maris Otter
250g Crystal 60L
250g Torrified Wheat

60g Fuggles 4%AA @ 60 mins (last of the homegrown)
17g Summit 14.5%AA @ 60 mins
15g Fuggles 4%AA @ 10 mins
15g Citra 14% AA @ 2 mins

Mash @ 65C for 60 mins

Fermentis S-04 dry yeast

This one was a little disappointing. It should have been quite bitter and hoppy, but after only a couple of weeks in the bottle it had lost all of its hoppy character and turned into more of an ESB. It had also come out much darker than I expected. Still, considering it was made purely to not let ingredients go to waste, it wasn’t too bad. And due to using a large amount of homegrown hops, it cost about 30p a pint!

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