Gyle #3 – Target SMaSH…ish

Again as a test for the home grown Target hops, but rather than go for a plain old pale ale I thought I’d spruce it up with a little sweetness in the form of crystal malt. Trying to guess the alphas for this one would also be more challenging, due to the higher level as compared to Fuggles, and therefore less margin for error come brew day. I opted for a plain 10%, which I think was probably an overestimate, but as I prefer malty beers generally I thought I’d err on the side of caution. Adding the crystal malt would also help to balance out any extra bitterness, just in case.

Harvested Target Hops


SG: 1.051
IBU: 38
SRM: 7
FG: 1.013
ABV: 4.8%
Batch size: 19L

4.25kg Maris Otter
250g Crystal 60L

25g Target 10%AA @ 60 mins
15g Target 10%AA @ 10 mins
20g Target 10%AA @ 3 mins

Mash @ 67C for 60 mins

Fermentis S-04 dry yeast

I’m not sure what happened with this one, but instead of 19L of 1.051 I ended up with 15L of 1.059. It also finished at 1.011, so was quite a bit stronger than intended at 6.4%. It was still a good beer though – the bitterness was there, but not too much, and surprisingly had a good amount of aroma. I decided to grow the Target purely for bittering my English ales, but it did actually make a decent single hop beer. I think I would brew it again, but not as a SMaSH…ish.

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