Gyle #22 – Unsinkable Sam DIPA

I had been looking for some ingredients on Brew UK’s and came across some ‘mystery hops’ at £2.50 for 100g. The description said that the label had come off the package and could be either Mosaic, Citra or Amarillo. I thought I’d chance it and decided to buy two packs for a massive dry hop charge into a DIPA I’d been planning.

When I opened the packet up and looked inside I thought maybe it was Amarillo, given the fairly pale yellow colour rather than a typical ‘hop’ green. I gave a few pellets a rub and sure enough some orange-citrusy aromas burst out. I was pretty sure they were in fact Amarillo. Having discovered that they can be quite catty when used in higher amounts, I decided not to use the single hop for a dry charge, but instead throw some Simcoe and Mosaic in there as well. Having grown up the Wyeast 1332 to support a bigger beer, it was time to brew.

The hop charge – 7.5g/L


SG: 1.084
IBU: 98
SRM: 12
FG: 1.020
ABV: 8.5%
Batch size: 18L

5.8kg Golden Promise
500g Wheat Malt
250g Carapils
250g Golden Naked Oats

40g Warrior 17.8%AA @ FWH 60 mins
30g Chinook 13%AA @ 10 mins
30g Chinook 13%AA @ 5 mins
20g Amarillo 8.5% AA @ Whirlpool 15 mins
20g Mosaic 12% AA @ Whirlpool 15 mins

30g Amarillo dry hop 3 days primary
50g Amarillo dry hop 4 days secondary
40g Simcoe dry hop 4 days secondary
20g Mosaic dry hop 4 days secondary

Mash @ 65C for 60 mins

Wyeast 1332 Northwest Ale

I ended up oversparging this one, so SG was way down. I boiled up some dextrose, cooled and added to the wort to bring it up to 1.071. It finished far higher than Beersmith expected at 1.006, so the ABV was actually pretty close to the design due to the lower starting point.

This one really was a smack in the face with the hop aroma and flavour, and one I’ll be making again for sure. Very orange/tangerine from the Amarillo, a little dankness from the Chinook and fruity flavours from the Simcoe & Mosaic dry hop. I entered this one into a national competition and scored 29/50, though I never got the full scoresheet back so I have no idea where it needing improvement. Getting the gravities and volumes right would be a start! The yeast did well, but I can’t help thinking that I should be using a much more attenuative yeast. If it hadn’t have been for adding dextrose it would have finished much sweeter.

I called this one Unskinkable Sam after a WWII cat that survived three sinking ships. Given that the brew day went completely wrong but I still had a great beer at the end of it seemed kind of fitting.

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