Gyle #2 – Fuggles SMaSH

I grow Fuggles in my garden, along with Target and Cascade, but with a complete unknown on alphas and flavour profile compared to commercially grown hops, putting them straight into a complex brew would have been a little foolish. So what better way to get to know them than in a SMaSH?


SG: 1.044
IBU: 31
SRM: 4
FG: 1.010
ABV: 4.5%
Batch size: 22L

4.25kg Maris Otter

50g Fuggles 3.8%AA @ 60 mins (took a guess at the AA)
25g Fuggles 3.8%AA @ 30 mins
25g Fuggles 3.8%AA @ 5 mins

Mash @ 67C for 60 mins

Fermentis US-05 yeast

This one was supposed to stop at 1.010, but it kept going down to 1.006, meaning it ended up at closer to 5%. It was still a really good beer though. I think I’d estimated the alphas fairly well as it had a bitterness bite but was smooth, not overpowering. It was also a great Christmas beer, to the point where our neighbour didn’t want to leave after having a couple (then a couple more).

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