Gyle #18 – Juniper Rye IPA v3

This was it then, the actual summer tasting IPA. What had I learned from the last two batches? What was going to be the final recipe? I decided to take a gamble and go all out with New Zealand hops. Rakau would provide the tropical fruit, Dr Rudi the piney citrus flavour and Southern Cross for the citrus aroma. Some Simcoe in the dry hop would help to fuse all of those flavours together into the aroma.


SG: 1.061
IBU: 60
SRM: 8
FG: 1.011
ABV: 6.7%
Batch size: 21L

5kg Golden Promise
750g Pale Rye Malt
250g Crystal 60L

20g Warrior 17.8%AA @ FWH 60 mins
25g Juniper Berries @ 10 mins
20g Rakau 10.5%AA @ 10 mins
20g Dr Rudi 12.7%AA @ 10 mins
25g Southern Cross 12.4%AA @ 4 mins

20g Rakau dry hop 4 days
20g Dr Rudi dry hop 4 days
25g Simcoe dry hop 4 days

Mash @ 67C for 60 mins

Fermentis US-05 dry yeast

So how did it finally turn out? Pretty much as I’d hoped for. It was a still a fairly busy beer, with the juniper and rye coming together to make everyone think it was a Belgian yeast strain. Hoppiness was lower than batch #2, which was a good thing, but there was still a good aroma and juiciness. It came joint 3rd in the runnings, so I was happy with that.

WHBC Summer IPA 2018

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