Gyle #15 – Rye Pale Ale

An opportunity for the homebrew club come up that would see us collaborate with a local brewery in Worcester, Sociable Beer Company. What was suggested was for the club to hold a competition for the members to brew a beer that would then be scaled up and put on sale in the brewery’s tap room. The competition would be held at the brewery and judged by the staff and special guests. The event was later covered by the local newspaper.

With a few months to go before the competition, I had a few ideas of what to brew, but I knew wanted to include rye to give it a unique (not so, as it turned out) profile, while keeping the hops reasonable but evident. The first test batch was an American pale ale with simple, easily scalable grist and just two hops. ABV would be kept to 5% maximum, as SBC’s other beers were in the 4-point something range and I wanted to make sure it would fit in with them on the bar.


SG: 1.048
IBU: 41
SRM: 7
FG: 1.010
ABV: 5%
Batch size: 22.5L

4kg Golden Promise (80%)
750g Pale Rye Malt (15%)
250g Crystal 60L (5%)

20g Simcoe 13.2%AA @ 60 mins
15g Amarillo 8.5%AA @ 10 mins
15g Simcoe 13.2%AA @ 10 mins
15g Amarillo 8.5%AA @ Whirlpool 10 mins
15g Simcoe 13.2%AA @ Whirlpool 10 mins

Mash @ 68C for 60 mins

Mangrove Jacks M44 West Coast

I couldn’t wait to try this one and see how it had turned out. The amount of rye was spot on, it was clearly evident in the malt. The hop aroma was great, plenty of fruity, citrusy notes, but something was just not right. It wasn’t the beer I wanted to enter, it just seemed too much like a standard IPA than the unique favour I was looking for. I decided the hops needed changing out to something less pungent, and set to work on designing v2.

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